We all love to include our pets in the holiday festivities, but as we celebrate this holiday season, be sure to keep them away from the following  unhealthy treats, dangerous decorations and toxic plants:

    TINSEL – Cats love this sparkly “toy”.  However, ingesting tinsel can lead to an obstruction, vomiting, dehydration and possible surgery.

    MISTLETOE, HOLLY, LILLIES AND POINSETTIAS – These plants, when ingested, can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and liver failure.

    “PEOPLE FOOD” – Fatty, spicy foods as well as bones should not be fed to your pet.  Also remember that chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol are very toxic  Be sure to keep your pets away from the table and unattended plates of food.

    ALCOHOL – Alcohol is VERY toxic to your pet.  If ingested, your pet could become weak, ill and may even go into a coma resulting in death from respiratory failure.

    HOLIDAY DECORATIONS – Be sure to keep wires, batteries and ornaments out of your pet’s reach.  A wire can deliver a potentially lethal shock.  A battery that is punctured may cause burns to your pet’s mouth.

    RIBBON – Be sure to keep your kitty away from ribbon and yarn.  Cats love to chew on ribbon and yarn which can become lodged in their intestines, often necessitating surgery.

    During the Holiday Season, be sure to give your pet a quiet place to retreat.  Pets may become frightened with all of the holiday celebrations and will look for a place to “hide out”.  A previously friendly pet may nip or bite if frightened.