• Cooler weather, the start of school and the changing of seasons.  Your pet is also enjoying the break from the hot, sticky, summer weather.  However, fall is also a time of possible dangers for our pets.  Here are some tips to keep your pet safe during the autumn months.

    The use of rodenticides increases in the fall as rodents seek shelter from cooler temperatures and move into your home. Rodenticides are HIGHLY toxic to pets!! They can be fatal if ingested.  If you choose to use these products, do so with EXTREME caution and ensure they are placed in areas inaccessible to your pets.

    Back-to-school means stocking up on glue sticks, pencils, magic markers, etc.  Be sure to keep these supplies out of your pet’s reach.  If a significant amount is ingested, these supplies may cause stomach upset or even blockages.

    Fall and spring are mushroom seasons.  Most mushrooms have little or no toxicity, however some are highly toxic and can cause life-threatening problems in pets.  Keep pets away from areas where mushrooms are growing.

    Many people choose fall as the time to change their car’s engine coolant.  Ethylene glycol-based coolants are HIGHLY toxic to pets.  Spills should be cleaned-up immediately.  Pet’s are attracted to the “sweet” smell and taste of anti-freeze.  Ingestion could be fatal.

    Snakes prepare for hibernation in the fall and may be particularly “cranky” which may increase the possibility of bites.  Remember, when hiking or camping with your pet…keep them on trail, on a six-foot leash and out of any brush.  Only walk where you can see your feet.