Meet our Staff


    Amy has worked at Orange Olive Animal Hospital for many years and is excited to now work with our new veterinarians, Dr. Black and Dr. Marquez. “Orange Olive is more like working with family than just co-workers. It’s amazing to have so many people that genuinely care for animals in my life.” Amy enjoys traveling and spent time all over Europe, the U.S., and Central America. She spent many years living in the Bay Area before returning to her hometown, Orange. She enjoys spending time with her fiance, teenage son and 5 cats (Ali, Tracy Jr., Mr. Meowgi, Juniper, and Howard Moon), watching true crime documentaries, sewing, reading, cross-stitching and crocheting.



    Chase joined the Orange Olive team in 2023. Since both his parents are veterinarians, he was practically born and raised inside an animal hospital. Chase spent his childhood watching Dr. Black perform surgeries at his previous practice, Orange Canyon Pet Clinic, and has long wanted to learn all he could about animals. He now helps manage both Orange Olive and our sister location, Canyon Hills Animal Hospital. Chase currently has one English Mastiff (Leon) and a leopard gecko (Banana). Chase enjoys traveling the world and has spent time in South Africa, Costa Rica, and the mountains of Utah and Colorado. He would love to visit any new place he has not been to before. In his free time, he likes to work on his car.



    Kayla has been at Orange Olive Veterinary since December, 2020.  One of the things that she’s loved the most about her job is getting to meet all the animals, especially the babies.  “It’s definitely an amazing experience to see all the precious puppies ad kittens!”  Kayla shares her home with her dog, Coco, a two-year-old Maltipoo.  In her spare time, she likes exploring different cities, spending time with family, and making plans on the spur of the moment.



    Hannah is a lifelong Orange resident and graduated from Villa Park High School. After spending over ten years in the restaurant and customer service industry, Hannah joined Orange Olive in 2021. “I love the staff and clients and their pets,” she says. “I can’t wait to chat with new clients and get to know them!” Hannah currently has one cat – a handsome kitty named Barnaby. She loves being a mom, reading, and anything true crime.



    Lus Elena has over 21 years experience in the field and joined the Orange Olive team in 2012. She says of her job, “I love animals, I love going to work!” Lus Elena loves music and going to concerts and comedy shows, playing video games, and traveling to new places. She is a collector of tattoos and is obsessed with Lucille Ball, Lady Gaga, and anything horror related. In her free time, Lus Elena enjoys hanging out with her wife, Stephanie, and her family and friends. She currently has one dog (Ruffles), two cats (June Bug and Teddy), and two tortoises (Lucy and Ethel, of course).



    Garret has over 10 years experience in the veterinary field. He is currently pursuing a teaching credential after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Thought. He plans to teach history. Garret currently has a wide variety of pets at home including cats, dogs, turkeys, tortoises, chickens, geese, and skinks.



    Annaysa joined Orange Olive in 2021 while completing her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Platt College. “Orange Olive has been a blessing for my RVT journey,” she says. “I enjoy every day I get to work alongside this great team.  Our staff and patients make it all worth it!” Annaysa currently shares her home with many different pets: an English Bulldog (Nova), a Frenchie (Gigi), a Pit Bull (Rylee), a snake and a bearded dragon, two Holland Lop bunnies, and a sassy calico cat (Elle). Annaysa loves photography, makeup, and online shopping. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and pets, paint and draw, and listen to music.



    Annette has over 23 years working in veterinary care and loves all aspects of it. She graduated Valencia High School before completing her Veterinary Technician education at the Professional Veterinary Nursing School in Lake Forest. “I try to treat every pet as my own,” Annette says. “I give them lots of TLC!” She currently has five cats at home. Annette’s love of cats extends into her free time – she takes care of abandoned and homeless cats in her neighborhood by getting them spayed and neutered. When not busy with the kitties, she spends most of her weekends helping with a non-profit youth sports program.



    Rafa joined Orange Olive in 2023 and, while he is new to our staff, he has 30 years of experience in the veterinary field – with 20 years alone working with Dr. Black! “I love working with Dr. Black and Dr. Marquez and with all things having to do with animals,” he says. “And the staff here at Orange Olive is amazing!” Rafa has two pets, a nine-year-old Chihuahua named Shadow and a red-headed green parrot named Pauly. Rafa likes to ride his bike in his free time and is a huge soccer fan – although he no longer plays, he still enjoys watching it on TV.