Meet our Staff


    Kathy has been working in the veterinary field since 1986.  She attended Cypress High School and South Coast College of Court Reporting.  She realized her passion was working with people and their pets.  She joined Dr. Pannier’s practice in March of 1993 as her hospital manager and has thoroughly enjoyed her career ever since.

    She says “I honestly look forward to coming to work. I work with a wonderful group of people that are talented, kind and compassionate.”

    She has a Mini-Aussie named Gunner. Kathy also shares her home with Pearl Ann, Willie, Allie, Penny Lane, Flower and Raven.

    In Kathy’s spare time she enjoys creating macrame projects and gardening.



    Amy has worked for Dr. Pannier and Dr. Pincus since 1996 and is excited to now work with our new veterinarian, Dr. Marlin.

     “Orange Olive is more like working with family than just co-workers.  It’s amazing to have so many people that genuinely care for animals in my life.”

    Amy enjoys traveling and spent time all over Europe, the U.S., and Central America.  She spent many years living in the Bay Area before returning to her hometown, Orange.  She enjoys spending time with her teenage son and 4 cats, watching true crime documentaries, sewing, reading, cross-stitching and crocheting.



    Sue Rich

    Sue started working at Orange Olive in 2007. Sue has also been a client since 1998.  She currently has two yellow Labs named Ruffles and Lithium as well as chickens and tortoises.  In the past she has also had rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, snakes, fish, birds, newts, a tarantula and an iguana.  She cannot imagine a house without animals.



    Hannah is a lifelong resident of Orange and graduated from Villa Park High School.  After spending over ten years in the restaurant and customer service industry, Hannah joined Orange Olive Veterinary in September, 2021.  “I’m truly blessed!” she says.  “This is the best job I’ve ever had!”  Hannah does not currently have any pets – she is waiting for the perfect cat after her last one crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  In her spare time, Hannah enjoys taking long walks with her child.



    Lus Elena


    Lus started working at OOVH in December 2012. She’s been working with animals for over 10 years now. Her last position was at a pet store. Lus has family that also works in the animal field. Her parents work at a foundation for cats.   She says, “I’m truly lucky that I got hired here. I love animals, I love going to work and we all get along very well. Best job ever!”





    Susan was born and raised in Orange but left for 30 years to enjoy the four seasons of Colorado. Her son still lives there.  She has a Doberman named Axel.  Susan says “the doctors, staff and animals are wonderful and it is a perfect fit.”



    Garret has worked at Orange Olive since the age of sixteen.  He is currently pursuing a teaching credential after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Thought.  He has many pets at home including cats, dogs, chameleons, turkeys, tortoises, fish and chickens.  Both in and out of work, Garret can be found engaging in spirited discussions of current events and philosophy.



    Anna has been involved with animal care for many years, including as a handler for her aunt’s pony ride/petting zoo business.  She started at Orange Olive in 2021 as an intern and has since graduated from Platt College with an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology.  She is interested in eventually specializing in emergency care, dentistry or exotics.  “Orange Olive has been a blessing for my RVT journey!” She says: “I enjoy every day I get to work alongside this great team.  Doctors, staff, and patients make it all worth it!”  Anna currently shares her home with two dogs, one bottle-fed cat, two bearded dragons, a ball python and two rabbits.  In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and pets, paint and draw and listen to music.



    Cindy joined the team at Orange Olive Veterinary in 2021, but she has been caring for animals for many years.  She is active with a number of rescues, no-kill shelters and community volunteer groups that feed and care for feral cat colonies.  Cindy loves coming to work and seeing the hospital cats, staff and clients.  She says: “Every day is something new.  I am always learning something.”  At home, Cindy has three cats (Miracle, Garfield and Hartmann) and two Betta fish (Lucy and Ethel).  She enjoys going to concerts and the movies, heading to the beach and spending time at home with family.



    Kayla has been at Orange Olive Veterinary since December, 2020.  One of the things that she’s loved the most about her job is getting to meet all the animals, especially the babies.  “It’s definitely an amazing experience to see all the precious puppies ad kittens!”  Kayla shares her home with her dog, Coco, a two-year-old Maltipoo.  In her spare time, she likes exploring different cities, spending time with family, and making plans on the spur of the moment.